Boosting your business’ growth

Analyzing our clients’ businesses in all their processes in order to find opportunity areas to increase its efficiency and profits. We offer different services to help the modern entrepreneur to identify the causes of low performance in the organization, and therefore, propose and implement improvement actions. Our work mechanics is to act with structured and custom tools and processes for each client, with special attention to information security and the analytical potential of the statistics for the management of the company.

Business Diagnosis

Diagnosis to identify and assess improvement points on internal and external processes.

Business Management

Implementation of processes and methodologies to increase management efficiency, guaranteeing corporate excellence.

Business Audit

Independent and objective activity of assurance and consultancy, designed to add value and improve the company’s operations.

Property Risk Assessment

Property risks identification and assessment for new projects or installations in operation based on the hired insurances.

Digital Transformation

Solutions and services focused on hybrid infrastructure, productivity tools, process management and information security.


Development of Business Plan and Consultancy for implementation and / or enhancement of Virtual Stores and their management.

Specialized Services

Statistical Analysis

Business intelligence through statistical analysis of the company data, to propose even more assertive solutions and tools.

Consultancy in Industrial and Medicinal Gas

Supply of appropriate tools to the financial and operational control of Industrial Gas through audit and consultancy.

Information Security

Deployment of mechanisms and security tools to protect some of the most important assets of your company.

About us

GCS is a business consulting and auditing firm that has been in the market since 2009.

The company started its activities by managing the implantation of ERP software. As a consequence of that project and the expertise achieved, it expanded its operations to meet the needs of clients that were seeking to improve efficiency and profit, with secure and assertiveness. To offer a high quality service, GCS currently has its own team of expert consultants and partnerships with public and private agencies. Mission, vision and values.

  • Experienced professionals

    Operational management, administration, finances, education, IT and statistics.

  • Partnership with universities

    Implementation of quality and management techniques.

  • Partnerships with companies

    Management systems, IT, accounting, human resources, law, and environmental management.

Our professionals

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Luis Sergio de Castro e Silva

Business Consultancy and Audit
Production Engineer, Business Manager and Environmental Management Technologist. Worked for 31 years in a multinational company which produced gauges and systems for the electricity, water, and gas market.
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Maria Carolina Giudice Hack

Business Audit and Data Analysis Specialist
Statistician and Post-graduate in Business Management. Worked for 10 years in the financial market as CRM and Business Planner.
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Business Audit and Data Analysis Specialist
Statistician. Worked for 8 years in the financial market with Credit Risk and CRM, and for 3 years in business management.
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Business Consultancy and Audit
Civil Engineer, Master’s in Mechanic Engineering, and Doctor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Over 15 years of experience on Higher Learning Education.
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Business Audit
Mechanical Engineer with a post-graduate in Industrial Management. Worked for 18 years with Chemical Industry Maintenance and Engineering, and 11 years on a vehicle assembler with Productive Processes.
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Business Consultancy and Audit
Business Manager with an Executive MBA and Post-Graduation on Marketing. Has experience in the fields of Marketing, Market Intelligence, Service Channels, Commercial Planning, and Strategy Management.

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